2024 Elections Results

2024 General Elections Results

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's GPSC General Elections. Elections Results were tabulated by the GPSC Elections Director, and then verified by a faculty member of the UofA Graduate College. The ballot link was anonymous and distributed to the entire graduate and professional student body. In order to vote, students had to verify their StudentID, thus preventing voter fraud. Candidates that are highlighted in yellow indicate the winner(s) of the race.

Here are the results we have confirmed so far:
  • Bernick, Jeremy (350 votes)
Administrative Vice-President
  • David Jesse, Samuel (347 votes)
Executive Vice-President
  • Braun Yoon, Maya (204 votes)
At-Large Representatives
  • Roche, Anna (250 votes)
  • Olulo, Harriet (275 votes)
  • Weiss, Jennifer (236 votes)
  • Thomas, Max (233 votes)
  • Hasankhani, Milad (229 votes)
  • Esparza, Marcos (239 votes)
  • Madrid, Gabriel (20 votes)
College of Agriculture & Life Science (CALS) Representative
  • Garcia, Ciara (11 votes)
College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA)
College of Education
College of Engineering
  • Joseph, Joanna (25 votes)
  • Danley, Matt (31 votes)
College of Fine Arts
College of Humanities
  • Ulanova, Tatiana (35 votes)
College of Law Representative
  • Garcia, Jocelyn (27 votes)
  • Patrick O'Brien, Sean (18 votes)
College of Management Representative
  • Khadse, Akhilesh (26 votes)
  • Zhou, Pete (25 votes)
  • Natalie Valenzuela Atwell, Reyna (13 votes)
College of Medicine— Phoenix Representative
  • Moreton, Julia (23 votes)
  • Walter, Kelly (18 votes)
College of Medicine— Tucson Representative
College of Nursing Representative
College of Optical Sciences Representative
College of Pharmacy Representative
College of Public Health Representative
College of Science Representative
  • Reichenbach, Garett (27 votes)
  • Thomas, Holly (46 votes)
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Representative
College of Veterinary Medicine
Graduate College/GDIP Representative