Achievement Award Sample Letter

The following letter serves as an example of a thoughtful and complete letter of recommendation/nomination letter.  Both Wilbur and Wilma (and their achievements) are fictional and do not depict any actual person or event.  The letter certainly does not need to be of this length, but it should incorporate specific examples per the criteria.

GPSC Achievement Award Committee
PO BOX 210017
Tucson, AZ 85721

Re: Nomination of Wilbur Wildcat for a GPSC Achievement Award,

Dear GPSC Achievement Award Committee,

I write to you today to recommend Wilbur Wildcat for the GPSC Outstanding Graduate/ Professional Student Leadership Achievement Award.  I have known Wilbur for over four years in various capacities.  Wilbur has been involved in the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) for three years, and has served as the GPSC Representative for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the GPSC Social Chair, and most recently, the GPSC Treasurer.  He has also served as the President of the University of Arizona (UA) Mascots Incorporated.  Wilbur is a thoughtful, experienced, and qualified student leader who deserves formal recognition.

As GPSC Treasurer, Wilbur has balanced the GPSC budget, and raised more funds than previous individuals serving in the same position.  As Social Chair and Representative, Wilbur planned and coordinated over 12 activities in a span of two years.  These events promoted student social and economic aims.  During his time with the GPSC, Wilbur also co-created and helped organize the Student Showcase held during Homecoming Weekend.  He met with potential donors and distributed literature explaining the importance of student research on the UA campus.  In the first year of Student Showcase, Wilbur managed to raise over $15,000.  The GPSC used this money to organize Student Showcase and provide awards to students with outstanding research.  Without Wilbur, Student Showcase would not have occurred.

Furthermore, as GPSC Treasurer, Wilbur has really surpassed his already excellent leadership capabilities.  Wilbur set the entire Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 agenda at the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester.  He outlined his goals and priorities early to ensure GPSC’s budget remained in the black.  He identified major expenses and incomes to give the Council a realistic look at their discretionary and available funds.  Wilbur also took the lead on identifying and securing non-traditional funds through grant writing and fundraising.  In my experience, the GPSC has never been financially better prepared than under Wilbur’s leadership as Treasurer.

In addition to Wilbur’s leadership roles within GPSC, he also serves as the current President of UA Mascots Incorporated.  As the Vice-President of this group, I have the honor of working with and learning from Wilbur on a regular basis.  Wilbur is my mentor.  He approached me two years ago and encouraged me to become involved in Mascots Incorporated.  Wilbur’s constant encouragement enabled me to successfully run for the first leadership role I have held at the UA.  Without his guidance and support, I would not have come to love the campus community to the extent I do now.

During his tenure as the Mascots Incorporated President, Wilbur increased our membership, budget, and presence on campus.  He took the lead on seeking funding opportunities for our club.  He applied for, and received, GPSC initial club funding two years ago to help Mascots Incorporated develop into a recognized student organization at the UA.  Additionally, Wilbur secured GPSC Professional Opportunities Development (POD) funding so that Mascots Incorporated could host a regional mascot training camp at the UA.  The POD funding helped cover the cost of having the 2010 world champion mascot teach at the training camp.  Wilbur coordinated this event and those who attended and participated have asked the UA Mascots Incorporated to host a similar event next year as well.

Finally, Wilbur volunteered his time to reach out and partner with other student groups on campus.  He has attended meetings of over 12 student organizations to promote Mascots Incorporated.  He has recruited members of Mascots Incorporated to volunteer to help these students groups with their own events on numerous occasions.  He has organized many multi-student organization meetings and developed partnerships intended to solve common problems at the UA.

Wilbur has gone above and beyond as a student leader at the University of Arizona.  He has balanced his extracurricular and academic responsibilities and made a lasting impression on me and many other individuals.  He is involved, dedicated, and caring—the “poster child” of student leadership.  Wilbur’s outstanding qualities make him a worthy and deserving candidate for this year’s GPSC Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student Leadership Achievement Award.


Wilma Wildcat

Vice-President of Mascots Incorporated